Saturday, March 21, 2009

Game Nexus Cast #12 The Street Fighter 4 Episode

In this episode we do a podcast while playing Street Fighter 4 Online on Xbox Live. It is encoded in mp4 video which is playable on your ipod. This episode took some extra time to produce due to the fact that it had audio and video content that needed to be synced and encoded to comply with ipod standards.

This podcast was originally recorded around mid to late February but due to problems finding a host it wasnt posted until now. Sadly I could not find a place that would allow me to post it as a direct download so this one wont be able to be downloaded on itunes with its video intact. The audio only version will be released in the next couple days.

To donwload the mp4 version: click here.

To watch it on youtube: click here. (split into 5 parts due to youtube's size limitation, each part has the next part posted as a video response)

For a youtube playlist with all five parts in it: click here.